Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Surf Report coming at you from Nicaragua, lots of people enjoying the beach today but only a few guys paddled out for the surf.

Koji and his bro make sure to get out in the water during the weekends after being stuck in school well home school all week.

Shredding Saturday!

Yuji flying down the line formulating his plan for the wave in front of him.

Yuji with a nice floater.

What do you do with all that speed? Boost above the lip fins out flyer!

Keep rippin' out there Koji!

Yuji with his stoke level fully charged ready for the rest of the day.

Danny dropping in with the rail grab backside.

Made it around that section nice and smooth.

Troy cruised up to see how the waves are on the other side of the point. He was catching a bunch of fun ones.

How about that rail game and half shirt style!

Now for some of the OG's out here.

Tony can be seen daily on a morning walk or out in the water shredding the agua.

Chris snapping lips right out front of his summer home.

Tony and Chris were the only guys out at this time, it was like the changing of the guard, as a couple surfers would get out of the water a couple others would paddle out.

I don't think I saw more then 4 people in the water at once all day today, what a life we are living down here.

One more shot of Tony nice and close up.

Okay everybody that's all for today, here is a shot of a guy tossing his net trying to catch something. Hopefully we can catch a bit more swell in the coming days. Even if not though we'll be enjoying these empty waves and that's for sure.