Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, the offshores are back and we are stoked to have some really fun waves today.  This is Pancho here, with your Sunday surf report.  We've got a solid, shorter intervel swell running right now and all the spots are firing.  If you've been waiting for surf, you can relax now because it's ON!  This is one of my new favorite photos so far this year, sent in by our friend Mike at nicawaves.com.  When I look at this, I can just imagine myself slotted like this guy.  Great shot Mike!

Roberto had the day off today and Miguel just had a brand new baby daughter (Congrats Miguel!) so I played photographer today.  I always like to see line-up shots so I took a couple of cool ones.  This is our new friend Lance, who locked into one of our favorite wedges on his boogie.  Check out how nice this looks - that's why you come to Nicaragua!

Here's another cool shot sent in from nicawaves.  We don't know this guy, but I bet he's happy.  It looks like the rights were working well out there today.  Be sure to check out nicawaves.com is you want a nice, affordable place in the Popoyo area.

Rex just got a new surfboard today and was trying it out.  Looks like it works to me.  He'll be headed to Salvador soon to compete in the ALAS series of Central American Surf Contests.  Best of luck Rex!

Here's one more line-up shot for you to dream about.  Light offshores, peeling left and right and nobody in sight.  Man, it's nice to have our normal wind pattern back!  We've got another day of fun waves forecast for tomorrow and then it looks like a good swell will start hitting on Tues/Wed.  Stay tuned to NSR if you want to see what goes down.  Pancho out!