Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hi guys, it is Lucha Libre here with the surf report. Today we headed out at north to get some good waves, it is overhead on sets and the wind perfect offshore. Check out the crew.

Today we found this lady charging out there. She is Viky from England taking a nice left.

But all the local surfers were on fire today. Here is Oliver El Monito Solis with a sweet vertical maneuver.

How about Jairo Come Pan Garcia with another cool move. I think he is the best boggie boarder we have in town now, but he will need a good massage later on!!! Are you ready Luna Bella?

Augusto La Gaviota Chamorro has been surfing pretty good for the last day. Here he is with a cool sequence, shot 1.

Shot 2, sweet bro. Keep working because the next contest will be hard to win.

Here is Larry Carita de Venado with the last shot of the day. Check back tomorrow guys.

This just in, from our friends up in Tola. This is "Jantana Itwasgonnabesick!", going big and falling hard on a nice set wave. (Don't worry Nancy, he wasn't hurt) ...cool shot though, thanks for sending it in. We still have solid swell in the water so please check back tomorrow!