Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We made the drive south yesterday - headed to Pascuales. Unfortunately, its very stormy now. We made it to Manzanillo, which is very close and were lucky enough to time our stop with a break in the storm. Offshore, head high and mushy. We'll take it.

Hey this is annie with the report at Maderas for today. The rumor was that the swell was supposed to be smaller today so we were stoked to see some overhead set waves coming in. Here is Rob showing us one. The winds were blowing offshore, but there was some lightning in the sky.

Rad though, 'cause when it's overcast, everything seems to glow.

And guys start flying in the sky...Augusto.



And girls start doing bottom turns...

Atomic Ants graze the shoreline...

And Uncle Dave, the legendary Uncle Dave...

...cheers the litle man into waves. You are the raddest Uncle Dave. Come back and stay in the buggy house with us anytime!

Check back and see what the swell does for us tomorrow.