Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello my friends. We have a cloudy day with nice offshore wind and some waves super fun. The size is shoulder high with lefts and rights breaking in two peaks. A lot of people is surfing, walking in the beach and playing Golf. Check the action.

There are powerful leftovers waves. Check this wave of Kevin. There are some locals surfers who always have lucky to found the best wave in the day.

When the others locals see this wave of Kevin, they run to grave they boards and paddle out. This is another stand up barrel for Kevin Cortez.

The two brothers Oscar and Lester Espinosa are part of the surf team of NSR and they are proud of used are stickers. Yeah!!!!! buddy go charging the best waves.

Oscar go high in the first trick trying a 360*. Do you see the kid put attention of Oscar waves? Mey be Lester look this wave too. Because in the next wave he tried something cool too.

So in the next wave Lester try to go bigger with a rodeo, but he finish doing a trick call the embrace of my favorite surfboard. So cute.

Mr. James D Alston is here having a good time, riding a motor bike everywhere searching some spot to surf and getting some tubes. Good vacations!!!!

Here is using the hand to stop a little and get a shack with style. Good day of surf bro....

We have a good community here. Everytime we paddle out, we are glad to see our friends in the water too, enjoying the waves. Here is Seth and Carlitos going to kill the waves.

Here is Mateo killing the big right, like always!!!. Who is the other guy in the foam?

When the swell drop the waves keep having a good shape. This surfer here is having a good surf experience in this wave. For sure he enjoy this ride.

Here is Mr. Peter after the early surf session. You see his smile?. This is how you feeling when you are here.

Even the small waves were having tubes. Some are closing out, but these are fun too.

Here is Danny from Puerto Rico. He is here for a while and he have too many waves already.

These are the OG of this zone. We always meet in this beach entrance to check the waves and joke a lot. Good way to spend our life.

Ok. Mis amigos. This is how look the beach today. A little cloudy. We are waiting a big rain tonight, so have ready you cup of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the rain. Armando Lopez is out. And just for let you know my friend Parker will take photos early in the morning in the North break on the beach( If you know where it is?)