Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 21, 2006

OK, so long time without an update...sorry, we've been traveling. Anyway, still around Mazatlan with a fading swell. There's not enough juice for the point breaks so we went looking for beach break and found some pretty fun stuff (nothing compared to the previous days though). This is Hot Carl and I, about 5 miles down a deserted beach.

After a morning surf, Hot Carl ponders Mazatlan from the bluff - Good waves, HOT. We are out of here tomorrow.

This is annie, and this is the crew at the NSR Beach House, with the report for today. Waves are head high, the water is crystal clear and the winds are offshore.

First is Brad. He is so rad.

Ross the Boss.



Matt again, with his good friend pelican.

Also in the line-up today, coming straight to us from South Beach, representing the Shack boardshop, we have the one and only very sexy Mark "I don't rough it" Gamez.

...and his sidekick Jay.

Kai-man was even out, representing NSR and showing us all how it's done.

Thanks to all the guys at the NSR Beach House. You were all super cool. Kai thanks Rhett for carrying all the crabs for him. We hear the swell is picking up tomorrow, so check back and see what we got.