Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report.  It is Lucha Libre here from down south throwing a couple shots in.  The waves were fun, running about chest to head high on sets with nice offshore winds all day long.  Check it out!!!

The NSR Surf School took a couple ladies out to teach them how to surf.  They both were super stoked and excited to ride some fun ones.  A little bit of beach instruction before we paddle out is how we do it.

Ana and Katerine did great and got to score some long rides.  This is Ana taking this one all the way in.

That was worth to claim.  First time out, and riding some sick ones.  We make sure to get you to score some sweet rides always.

The lineup was not crowded at all today, and there were a few guys taking advantage on that.  Unknown folk picking up a nice left.

There were also some fun rights rolling in, and this guy had the spot dialed up and score some of the cleaner ones.  Nice looking right, uh!

El Tuzo Morales took a ride with us to the beach and he had a few decent ones.  Here he is smacking this closed out section.

Every time you break a board, you get pretty upset.  David was more than happy to break his favorite board.  I do not know why!

A few girls were out picking up some sweet ones.  Here is this one racing down the line on this left.

Jeremy got the last shot of the day one more time.  This time with a small but cool backside snap.  Please, check back tomorrow!