Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another day at the perfect left point break. It was slightly smaller today, but we still had head high sets coming in. How can you not surf this? We did pack up camp and move into a hotel in Mazatlan - AC is nice!

Still somewhere near Mazatlan...Here is another great shot of the Hot Carl, surfing all morning long and not taking pictures of anybody else. There's more swell on the way, so I think we'll come back again tomorrow. Also, check the archives...I just put up some photos of our trip for the last few days.

What happens when you yell

Hey this is annie with today's report. It's about head high at Maderas with the winds, as always, blowing offshore.

It is really cold in the water today, so you had best have your full suit on. And if you complement your full suit with an awesome airbrush, you'll be good to go. I think he thinks it is triple overhead too.

Don't know who this guy is, but I do like the color of his board. I am serious this time.

Here we have Shawn, or is it Sean, the Asian Extraordinaire (is that how you even spell that word?) going for it.

And this is Victor "you're so cute" Jugo representing all the groms of the world.

And guys, don't think I forgot about you...alright, check back tomorrow.