Nicaragua Surf Report | Photo from July 19, 2005 at 12:35 PM

We are going to make one last comment on this and then we are going to put the issue to rest and move on. We have received a ridiculous amount of emails regarding yesterday's post, nearly all of them supporting NSR - Thanks! We appreciate it. We would also like quell any notion that there is a bad vibe here or in Rancho Santana. The vibe here has always been very mellow and positive and we don't intend to let one bad apple spoil it for the rest of us. We would also like to point out, as it was pointed out to us numerous times, that Chris Allaman does not represent the voice of Rancho Santana and the sentiment expressed in his email is from him individually. OK. Moving on. We had some fun, head high waves today and offshore winds all day. We took more pictures than we know what to do with, so we're going to put them all up!

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