Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hello my friends. Welcome to the weekend surf report with NSR. The swell has nice waves, the water color is beautiful, and our perfect offshore winds are best in the world. All day, we had two long peaks with great lines and awesome barrels. Check it out.

Jason from New York is here recording some videos with the Go Pro camera. He have a good video of this green room.

Two of my friends Sean and Carson were paddling out to be part of the party. Check how this boys ripping.

The waves were glassing and this kids were so happy in the water. We have a good day of surf.

Here is Rob from Malibu beach. He is the father of this two amazing boys and he was part of the crew too. He was charging the waves.

How many good waves we have this day? Carson was going in almost every wave came from the horizon.

Here is Sean going in this left with this thick lip. We were surfing in low tide, so was really shallow.

Sean was waiting for one good wave in the set and check what he get. This vacations in Nicaragua are unbelievable.

The money shot of today. Carson was dropping in more than twenty wave to get one good shot and here it is. Remember Nicaragua bro!!!!.

These waves were rolling forever. When this kid finish this wave, he was like eighty meters far from where I was.

The North peak was on fire. All the people over there where the top ten surfers in this beach, plus with some visitors charging. My eyes were crying for don't be over there.

Left and right. Where you want to go?.

When the sets come every body was enjoying to see the shape of these waves. Here is my friend Gustavo in a long barrel.

Carson!!!! You need to be sponsored by Roberts and DVS.

There are a lot of grown in the water and they are charging. The color in the water look like the surf videos from Indonesia.

Other wave of Carson. Tomorrow we are waiting more fun waves. This surfers are thinking in go to the main peak to have barrel with the open arms.

Ok. Amigos. This is the barrel spot. Everybody here is looking for some. This boys have a lot today. We are excited with the surf condition, check the action of tomorrow. I go for one barrel, so see you tomorrow.