Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 18, 2013

HI there, guess who is this.  Yeahh folks, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your Thursday surf report.  I drove up the coast today to see what will be on for the new swell we are expecting.  The waves were still kinda small, running about chest to shoulder high on the bigeer sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

Well, I grabbed a couple boys staying around here and headed to this sweet spot.  They all loved it.  This is Peter pig doggin' into a sweet little jewel.

Mr Foster made it out with the dropping tide and he was still able to get some fun ones.  Setting up!

Mel Melon Comelon was ripping hard all morning long.  Check out this little seq

Shot 2, adding much power as he can!

Sweet Melon, that was a sick turn!

Mr Doan was around the area and he was ripping as well. Smacking a nice little closed out section!

The lefts were dominating the lineup today, but there were also some sweet right hander to be taken.  Unknown  rider going big on his backhand.

A bad ass ROBALO always taste good.  Well done Eric!

Now Mr Sam with the swan dive of the day.  Shot 1, surfing or diving?

I guess diving!

A red snapper will be sick for dinner fella.  Check out what you missed!

Sweet little barrels at the second peak today.  We have the whole sequence on this one, if you want to check it let us know amigo.

Mel's full rotation move.  Next time make sure to land it meloconi!

A few other boys were ripping down the beach as well.  Here is caught this one with a nice floater.

Last shot from this spot goes to Sam, who was also showing off on his aerial skills.  Yeahhhhhhh buddy!

Right at sunset we made it to the beach for in memorial Jims paddle out.  We all paid respect to this big man, who will be missed for ever.  Started with a sick fogata!

Paddled out, got one minute of silence and spent some time with our friend Jim in our soulds.  For a great man!

People that could not paddle out, showed some respect on the beach.  Enjoying of the great day we had.

Actually we got a nice reward at the end of the day. The new swell started to show up. Maybe our good man Jim interceded for us to get some nice ones in his memory.

Papa Kerson was out there and got some fun ones.  Getting covered!

Kerson Jr got some sick ones before dark as well.  Getting pitted!

And Mickey on the last shot fo the day.  Getting radical on his surfing.  We are hopping to score some sick ones tomorrow so stay tuned with us.