Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The fourth day of the Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship began in 3- to 4-foot waves at Colorado Beach at Hacienda Iguana, but a new swell was expected to fill in throughout the day, which we never saw.  Check it!

This was today’s competition schedule during the day.  It was all repechages!

All the surfers in the water were pushing the limits because whoever that got eliminated today, it was done.  Venezuelan bold ripper with a cool manuver on this closed out section.

The Japanese were also doing their best to survive in the contest.  Here is caught one of their Kahunas with a cool off the top move on this little nugget.

Since the Master division didn't have any bussines going on today, big master Sonny Garcia was chilling and driving around.   That motorcycle looks so small on him but it is a 200cc.

The waves were kinda small today but there were still some nice ones rolling in. Nice peeler coming in with no takers!

There are a couple of rippers in the grand master division.  Check out this cool little sequence of this man.

Shot 2, riding the lip!

Shot 3, make it happen man or it wont count!

Shot 4, no an easy land but going big and trying to pull it off. 

Shot 5, somebody on the way but we still have an eye on him.

That was worth it man, for sure.  Felicidades!

This contest has put lot of things togethere.  Good surfers, sharing culture, sick food, nice weather and for sure lots of beautiful girls.  ISA new member staff getting some work done!

The waves are supposed to be about the same for the next few days but we are expecting a nice push in the swell this weekend for the finals.  Still some nice jewels to kill.

Viva Mexico and Nicaragua JODIDO!  This was Lucha Libre Garcia and I'm out!

Hey, hey, heyyyyyyy, DO NOT FORGET the huge party over Casa Surfari this Saturday right on the beach.  FREE RUM BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!