Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's up people?!  Juancito took out the camera gear this am to get some coverage from day 3 of the ISA world masters.  The waves are a little smaller than yesterday, chest high with offshore wind and it is a hot one today!  Great day to check out the beach and get in the water! 

Team Japan was looking good all day today.  Here's one of their riders going for a big floater on this section!  The water gets pretty shallow right there when that tide is out!!

Team Venezuela is probably the most animated country on the beach, always hooting and whistling, cheering on their fellow countrymen!  Post heat celebration!!

Sunny Garcia took first in his heat again today!  This man has been holdin' it down for Da Hawaiian boys!!

Shot 2 of this turn ...  Moving some water!

Sonia Garcia representing team Panama!!  Our cameras always seem to find you senorita!!

Another man surfing for Japan with a nice backside turn on this little right.  Team Japan traveled a long way to get here and they are putting up a fight for that title!

Juan wasn't the only one out there getting photos. There have been cameras all over the beach for this event.  Here some girls are capturing some of the action!

Team USA member burning some serious speed on this turn!  USA is looking strong but it won't be easy if they want to go home with a gold medal!

Team Argentina was all smiles on the beach today!  Having fun being in Nicaragua and full of pride to be able to represent their home!  That's all we have for today.  Tomorrow the action continues and the heats will be getting stronger!!  Be sure and check back to NSR to see what's goin' down on the beach!! Peace!