Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 15, 2012

The anticipation is at its end, as the first day of surfing competition in the Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship has arrived.  Today’s competition schedule was the following: Qualifying Round 1 of Men’s Masters (Heats 1-12) and Qualifying Round 1 of Men’s Grand Masters (Heats 1-12).  Mother nature blessed us with some sick conditions for the first day, chest to head high waves, straight offshore winds and warm water.  No more you can really ask for!

People started to show up from all over the country to check the contest out.  Check out the scene!

This is what all people was thinking about when they decided to bring this event down.  Ronald Reyes from Venezuela getting pitted on this sick left.  There is not a better way to start a contest than having a sick barrel, uh!

The rights were also doing their things, as you can see on this shot.  Puerto Rican rider working on his pig dog barrel ride.

It wasn't all about barrels out there.  There were some good sections to throw some maneuvers on.  Japanese ripper with a cool spray on this one.

As soon as the tide was filling in, all the guys start to shred up.  Check out this one throwing down a sick hack. 

There were some sick jewels rolling in and all you can hear on the beach was wooooooooooooooooooo.  Somebody gotta take those waves, please!

The swell picked up today, as you would already noticed.  There were some pals flying down the line, trying to imitate the birds.

La Bestia Calderon made it over the contest and all the cameras turned on him.  This kid could be the first Nicaraguan Master Champion in 20 years. Haahahahahaa!

Team USA did pretty well today and all their surfers made it to the next round.  Shea Lopez is caught here going vertical on this section.

This is going to be a tough contest, for what we saw today.  Venezuelan Magnun Martinez tearing the lip off on this right.

Argentina have a strong team as well.  Martin Passeri working on his way out of this barrel.

Captain Moss didn't surf today but he keeps ripping out there.  Yeah Primo!

Sunny Garcia runned up on the two categories we had today and he placed first on every heat he had.  Check him out taking the elevator on his backside.

We had a great vibe on the beach all day long.  And we do not even have to talk about the vibe in the water after seeing all those surfers getting some fun waves.

A couple of chaser barrels jumped out in the water down the beach, and they all scored.  Classic Playa Colorados shot, from far down the beach.  You gotta love the view on this one!

We got a really nice friendship with this Jamaican representative.  We actually hooked him up with some NSR gear.  Welcome down man!

The Brazilian team scored some of the better waves of the day.  Here we caught one of their mates getting slotted on this peeler.

I got kinda surprised when I saw Glenn Martin using one of my photos as an example for one of his killer draws.  This is Rex Calderon smacking this section over Playa Maderas last year, right at sunset.

People was trying to catch the action from every angles, including the heli.  I wish that I can get on that thing, so I can show you guys the view.

We left the contest for a little while and headed up to Wastomate, one of the closest communities around Hacienda Iguana to give away some baseball gear.  All the boys were super stoked and Carlitos gave them some tips to hit the ball good and perfect.  HOME RUN!!!

We still got in time to see some action in the last game they played.  Check out this sick play!

Right on the way back Eric try to steal some little pigs but all the local people saw him and he had to run away.  Just kidding boys, he was just trying to catch one and get a photo.

Meanwhile Carrlitos found dada taking a huge nap.  I guess that what this boy does all day.

Made it back to the beach and the surf was still pretty fun.  That's all for today boys, please check back tomorrow!

Just one more thing boys, DO NOT FORGET the party over Casa Surfari on July 20th.  ITISGONNABESICK!!!