Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We went to check out a high tide spot this morning but the tide was already backing up, so we decided to bailed. Anyway, we got this cool shot of the scene and we are pretty sure everyone know where it is. The waves were running about chest to head high at this spot, the winds were nice offshore and the water was warm. Check it!

We changed locations and this is what we found.  Head high plus on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and overcast sky.

Noha Cocoa was killing it down the line.  Totally pitted on this sick right hander.

The left was kinda doing its thing as well.  Argentina team made it down yesterday and they were already scoring today.  All day long friends!

Everything is getting set for the Master surf contest, as you can see.  We are expecting some good crowd at this event!

Fun waves were running in up and down the beach.  Unknown rider about to get in the hot spot on this left.

Pancho's old, but very old friend made it out today and he was able to take a couple of fun one.  Ara doing his thing on his bottom turn and hoping to find the gold spot in the upcoming section.

Everyone out there was racing tons of fun waves.  This guy was ripping them up all day long.

Mother nature gave us some rain and we are not complaing, even though the light was bad for photos the guys kept having a blast out there.  Pancho Sanchez rode this one for a while and almost pulled it off.