Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello again my friends!  This is Eric bringing you today's wave report from one of our favorite waves in the country.  Sets were getting bigger as the day went on, coming in at head high to slightly overhead on sets.  It was a full on barrelfest today and we were there to catch some of the action.  Check it!

Check out this kid taking the highline on this right.  You had one of the best wipeouts of the day my friend but also some great waves!

We've got a sick sequence of this unknow surfer getting one of the better tubes of the day..  Here he is bottom turning into a mean one!

About 5 shots down the line and this wave is just rifling!! 

Next shot of the sequence.  It's tube time!

Getting deep!

This is the twelfth shot of this sequence.  Getting even deeper!

Skipping ahead a couple more shots and this man is still pretty darn pitted!

Again, skipping ahead a couple more shots and he's now getting tubed on the inside section!

Here's one last shot just to confirm that he did indeed come out of this barrel..  We've got the whole sequence, email in if you're interested my friend!

The rights were incredible out here today... There was the occasional left also.  Check out these two guys, one is soul arching on his bottom turn while the other is dropping into a sweet looking righthander!

Yeah, the barrels were plentiful.  Some surfers found some time to rip some turns too! 

Don't be fooled by all the nice pictures, there was some serious carnage out here today.  One man goes down while another gets up!

Some young kids from California tried their luck at the mysto left down the beach..  They took some beatings but also got some sweet tubes in the process!

There was a big crowd out here earlier, leaving us with tons of photos of unknown surfers.  Here's one of them pulling in on his backhand!

Another surfer finds some time to displace some water.  Post tube speed burn!

This guy nabbed himself a sweet little shack..  Looks like he's about to try to bust through the lip of this one!

Is this wave epic or what?!  That's all for today's report...  Thanks for checkin' us out.  Tomorrow is set to go off!!!   Be sure and check back to the #1 surf report in Nicaragua.  Until then, take it easy folks!

...and before we go, we want to give mad props to our friend JJ Yemma for tagging this monster in about 50' of water, freediving!  We all know JJ can surf but we just learned that he's also gnarly with the speargun too.  Nice fish Jota!