Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 10, 2006

OK, so the Nica surf team left for Costa Rica today. The final count of sponsored surfers from NSR was 7! Special thanks to all of those people who donated money to the cause. Without your support, this would have never been possible. The team will check into their hotel tonight and have a couple of practice days before the contest starts on Friday. We sent Roberto with them so stay tuned for coverage! Good luck you guys!

00:45 We are counting down the days now, making final preparations for the big trip. Due to some unexpected and unfortunate events, we've had to push back our expected departure dates. (It seems that Hot Carl had a technical issue leaving San Francisco that resulted with about half our quiver - 5 surfboards - breaking free from the rack and taking flight on I-5.) ...an inauspicious beginning indeed. Still, it looks like we'll take a few days to repair what we can and leave sometime within the next 3 or 4 days. We are still looking for Mainland Mex hookups if anyone is holding.

What happens when a bag full of boards flys of the top of the truck going 75mph? We'll, lets just say it's not pretty.

When all was said and done, the damage was surveyed. Hot Carl figures some of the boards were run over three different times. Yesterday morning, this was my new quiver for the trip...damn.

Check it out - you can see the tread prints in the nose of my new 6'1". OK, this is getting too painful to post. We'll get'em fixed up the best we can and get on the road soon. Check back later.

Here we are, the trip to CR is on right now. Here is the Nicaragua team getting ready to get their visas.

It's time for lunch in CR.

We checked Boca Barranca out today but It's was onshore wind and mushy, this is the second longest left in CR but this time we didn't surf it.

Check back tomorrow.