Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 07, 2022

Hey everybody welcome back for another awesome surf report from yours truly! We are expecting a bit more swell to arrive today and we def did get a little bump up in size but still waiting on those head high barrels.. check it out!

Local legend John G out there enjoying some morning waves

Seth dropping the hammer on the corner of this little peeler as dude out the back looks on

Is that Rob taking the high line out there.. yeah buddy!

Senor Carlosdecolorados himself boosting some air, if you wanna see the master at work more check out our IG @surfnsr and scope that story.. I didn't have the camera in hand when the best wave of the session came in but I did catch it on the phone and posted it there

Just a beautiful sight that wrapping roundhouse cut full of style and flow

Grom girl out here showing the boyz howz it done!?!

Super grom girl gettin' in on the action! Yeeeeew

Looks like this is just the tip of the swell that is on the horizon so we should have a few days of super fun waves ahead of us. :)

Plenty of empty open waves out there to catch so wax the board throw on some trunks and get out there! Cheers everybody thank you for coming by and checking us out, we'll be back tomorrow with some more goodie shots for you!