Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 06, 2006

The groms were out having fun today, right?

Actually, it would have been really fun if it weren't for all the JELLYFISH that have infiltrated the beach. I didn't see one person who wasn't stung. Some people got it worse than others...

Luis found that the best way to avoid the Jellyfish was to keep out of the water - way out of the water.

Well, it wasn't so bad on the beach. The swell is supposed to pick up so check back tomorrow. Also, thanks again to everyone who contributed to help the first Nicaraguan Surf Team compete in Costa Rica. We are told that we'll have between 13 and 15 participants making the trip - Thanks to you, 7 of those are being "sponsored" by NSR! Awesome. Stay tuned for coverage of the trip.

Welcome to the surf report and spanish class for today. It's head high on sets out here at Maderas and the wind is offshore. Everybody is getting fun with good waves and without JELLYFISH.

Coki was getting good barrels like this one all day long.

This shot is a special favor for Carita de Gato what in english means Little Cat face.

This is joung Ryan from California. He was cutting all over the place. Shot 1.

Shot 2. This guy surf pretty good.

Kervin and kambute were surfing by themself at Machete pt and they have fun too. Here is Kervin with a 360's.

Kambute, the photogenic guy was taking some good waves at Machete pt.

This is Byron, a local from San Juan del Sur. He's too exited because he made it on NSR.

I know you are waiting for this. There you go.

The Cowboy is back working on his backside.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Aqui esta el super hobre, yo creo el estaba huyendo por que vio agua mala . Chequear ma