Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 05, 2017

What’s up ladies and gents?! This is Parker checking in with some shots on Wednesday morning. Check out our fun photos!

So today is another down day (why does this keep happening when I’m the one shooting the reports?!). Despite a mellow Pacific Ocean, you could still pick off these kind of gems.

Sets clocked in around shoulder high while the in betweeners were something like waist to chest. For a quick change up, these skatey fun days are really fun!

These sessions help float you through the week and into the next swell.

Today, you’re squeezing into those tubitos. This weekend through next week, you might be standing tall. Check Surfline then our vacation rentals to strike!!

Have you guys met our photographer Brian Scott?!? You may know him by his gigantic lens and Nicaragua Surf Shots. He’s been in the area for a few years and is a professional photographer through and through. If you want high quality photos from a high quality man, let’s set the two of y’all up! In the meantime, it’s been a pleasure having you part of the NSR family, SBS!!

Brian is a working man so he spends a lot of time behind the lens (like with his clients today). When he isn’t working, he’s hanging with Natalie and their beautiful daughter Thalia. This family is probably talking to him because Brian is one of the friendliest guys on the beach.

Friendlier than what’s going on in that wave… I saw a few snowballs and party waves this morning so hopefully people get that out of their way before the swell comes.

This surfer did get the barrel but he did snake it from my Californian amigo.

After all the 4th of July fiestas, I thought people would be taking it easy. Evidently, surfers were still pushing their limits (in the small stuff).

And throwing their fins around too! Well, you have to burn off all those Tonas some way or another…

Everybody was sitting on the right so I focused on those shots. Every time I put my camera down, a left squeaked through the corner of my eye. I whipped the camera around just in time to capture this little nug.

I saw Josee going to the beach a little later than usual. Normally, this chica is on it at the crack of dawn and hitting it again when the sun is setting. She’s super fun to surf with because she is always smiling and surfs regardless of the conditions. Good on ya Josee!

When the conditions look like this on our down day, it isn’t hard to go surf…

Even if you aren't stoked on surfing these small waves, go lay down some turns. Then make the decision if you want to stay out or come in.

So what’s going on for the rest of the week for you party people? Don Eloys has karaoke on Wednesday nights, Sidebar might put an event or two together, and then Mag Rock caps the week off on Saturday night. Get some surf in and then go out and have some fun!

As for me, the tide is starting to drop so I think there are couple little honey holes to hit for my lunch break. We appreciate y’all check out our report and stay tuned for some action and change up tomorrow! Pasan una buena tarde amigos!!