Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 04, 2015

Hello everybody. Happy four of July of barrels from Nicaragua. The offshore wind is about eighteen knots per hours( Not bad at all ). The color of the water is pretty and nice waves are rolling in the morning. The few people in the water were having good lefts and rights. Just two peaks are working, the seem of yesterday. ( Left bigger than rights). Check it out.

Long lines and open barrels in the right. Only two surfer were surfing over there.

My buddy Gustavo Noguera come to visit us. After charge some big waves, we have a little rain and a nice rainbow appeared fifty meters in front us. So nice.

There are some activities around here for the celebration of United States independence. Some people score some good tubes in the morning because in the afternoon we have the inauguration of the new Ranch of the Pro Shop golf office. Everybody is invited, there are free drinks and food. Come to join us.

Check how good is the left. This swell is going down a little the next two days, but will keep waves overhead.

Here is Hot Carl getting the best right in the morning. He was surfing with a boardshort with the three colors of the United States flag represent his beloved country. I want to give a special congratulation to for the Championship 2015 of his Basketball team in the NBA( The Warriors ). Yeah!!!! Buddy was a big year.

The North peak keep having small nuggets. This surfer must be regretting of not having entered this little nugget. The good things is there are more chance in almost every wave.

Moreover, this surfer will remember all day what he saw inside this tube. This beach give to all the visitors one of the best surf experience in his life.

Ok. Amigos. Thanks to be tuned with the NSR surf report. Have a good day. Enjoy this day with you family and friends with responsibility and see you tomorrow in another day in the paradise. Armando Lopez is out.