Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Welcome to the surf report for today, we've got "Lucha Libre" out here with the camera today. It's overhead on sets and the wind is offshore, check out the line up.

We start the day with one of the best wipe out of the week. Nice one captain Lance, va pue!!

Today we have a crew from Cal. they hired me to make they friend feel jealous with the sick shots they got today. Here is Kevin "Murph" from West Lake with a sick one.

How about Logan "Drew" Andersen from Malibu with another unbeliveable shot. If you are coming to Nicaragua and you want to get get this kind of shot just e-mail us to NSR and let us make you look good.

Here is Casady "Cass" from Ocean Side with a cool floater. By the way, they hired me for tomorrow too because they are so stoked with the shots they got today.

This is Mack "Woody" from Ocean Side too taking a nice left. Yeahh dude, now you are famous!!

Here is Paul "PA" Antonhy Gangy from Agoura Hills taking off on one of the best left of the day. You guys scored today!!

This is Mitch "Mr Happy" Mcouffee with another sick barrel. These guys were surfing around 2 hours by theirself today.

Here is "Pancho Sanchez" with the last shot of the day for today. We'll have some swell for tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.

We'd like to thank Erin over at Surfari Charters for sending in some photos of tonight's 4th of July celebration at the Surf Sanctuary. These rockets came straight from China and used real dynamite! Check out the flames from this one.