Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 03, 2015

Hello everybody. The month of July is always one of the best month to surf in the year and today this wave was on fire, but not too strong. Check how nice look the back ground and the waves conditions. Make me feel in the paradise.

Some sets come every ten minutes with five perfect lefts. This crowd was having fun the last hour of the high tide.

The shoulder was the best option to get this left. The waves dosen't were too fast and was giving the time to stand up with no rush. The waves are overhead and friendly.

Some right come in the sets too, but no too big. This surfer get this nice barrel.

HOOO Yeeeaaahhh!!!!. The waves were better and better when the tide was coming in. 

The waves in the sets look like a wall before start having a good shape. Today everybody have a big chance to get a barrel today.

This swell is bringing lefts double size compared with the rights and are coming with more frequency.

Check the thick lip in this left. This month is just starting and is already good.

Barrels, cuts, airs and all kind of tricks today. This surfers were super fun today.

The waves never stop to come. The longer waves were rolling for about forty meters long.

Some rights in the North side of the beach were smaller. This girl was getting a bunch of waves for about two hours.

So nice!!!! The color in the water, the wind and the conditions of the waves make a really good days to this beach.

Well what I can say is everybody find his spot to surf. The people in the crowd is gentil. There are always a bad guy in the water burning the waves to someone, but not too many.

Jamie o'brian make crysi things in the North Shore. We have a ( Chocoyo ).

He get a motorbike helmet to be saved in case have a collision with another surfer. Well Jamie you have competition now.

(Que loquera) Cool bro!!!!!

Bangggggg, this is the best smash today. He was killing some of the best waves today.

Here is another surfer going in one of the few rights in the main peak. The right was make able but you need get speed in the first batton turn.

Hoooo the sets. Were so good. The corners were overhead and cleans.

In the middle of the haft way to the beach the waves have this nice setion with tubes. Check the wave in the back.

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Well I born in this month so this is why I like. The swell is bigger the next days so everybody is waiting to see this beach on fire.

A friend from long time ago Jhonny O. Is here with his family. Eleven years ago me and him were charging a big swell in this beach. Of course we were stoked and we never forget that amazing day.

Ok. Check the weeken surf report of NSR. I will be ready to show you the best waves of the day. Armando lopez is out.