Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 03, 2008

Welcome to the Thursday surf report. This is Roberto “Lucha Libre”, Jairo “Come Pan”, and Mateo “Pledge” reporting in. “Come Pan” was hired out today to take photos for some clients and they scored some pretty good waves. It was running about chest to shoulder high with offshore wind. The waves today were pretty tide dependant. At low tide it was really hollow and shallow then at high tide the waves backed off and got kind of mushy. It did offer for some interesting and diverse shots. Check it out!

This is Jim “Bam Bam” Crosby with the first shot of the day sneaking into a nice low tide barrel. It’s always impressive to see someone out at this spot on a long board. It’s even more impressive when they ride it well. This is “Bam Bam” doing just that getting this place pretty wired.

This is Brian “Burrito” Scott drawing a pretty sweet line on this right. He was so stoked to be out there with a photographer today that he got the highest wave count today.

This is Bill “FJ40” Cross who unfortunately had a hurt back which didn’t allow him to get the surf time that he wanted, but he did get out there and get enough waves to call it a good day. Here he is bottom turning on a pretty fun left.

This is Rob “El Flaquito” Matriscino with a solid back side cutback. All of the guys in the crew were so stoked because they got over 1000 photos just for one day. Either these guys got a bunch of good waves or Jairo was a little too trigger happy. I don’t think it was the latter.

We had a few women in the group who were getting a bunch of good waves as well. This is Christine “X-Tine” Moore who was representing all women long boarders out there today by getting some nice rides like this one.

This is Natalie “Nacho Mama” Quinn, the other lady of the group. Here she is on one of the better waves of the day. She was super stoked after this wave because it was so fast and she did about three strong maneuvers.

This is Tim “Morning” Glass who was pretty excited that he not only got some morning glass, but some afternoon glass as well. Here he is taking advantage of the clean waves with a nice front side top turn.

Here is a group shot of the crew on the loading dock after the all day boat trip. Everyone is surfed out and satisfied. (From left to right) Tim “Morning” Glass, Rob “Flaquito” Matriscino, Bill “FJ40” Cross, Natalie “Nacho Mama” Quinn, Christine “X-Tine” Moore, Brian “Burrito” Scott, and Jim “Bam Bam” Crosby.HH

Everyone out there had a great day, except for this guy. He attempted to paddle out at low tide and get some waves, but on his way out a set wave was bear down on him and he had no where to go so he just stood there and took it like a rat. The end result was a broken board and a sad surfer. Its one thing breaking your board after you have already gotten a bunch of fun waves, it’s a whole other thing when you are basically dry and break your board. Better luck next time buddy.

Our friend Sean “El Peresozo” was out there again today just shredding. Here he is with one of his many flights of the day. His nickname might mean lazy, but his surfing today was just the opposite.

Well, it was a great day down here in Nicaragua with the clients and the fun surf. The waves should pick up just slightly tomorrow, so we should have some more good shots. Here is an empty, hollow left to keep you salivating.