Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hello bros. This is the Wednesday report. The wind calmed down and  the waves became glassy. This is how the ocean looked, calm before the swell.

Today it is cloudy and rained a little. Not too many people in the water. But the waves were fun.

 Some waves were fast and people missed the tube.  Good vibes in the water all day.

Today this guy was ripping. Doing airs on every single wave with sick style.

The local pilot Lester Espinosa was taking off on the waves too.

Soo many sandcrab in this spot. They are planning something big.

Today it is a chilly day. After one wave like this one I only wish for a cup of coffee and cookies.

This guy was flying all around. A/A American Airlines.

This Pelican was sad because there is no longer only birds in the sky with all these aerials today. Thanks for your atenntion and keep checking the report every day because it is going to be very interesting the next couple days. Armando Lopez And Duke are going to surf, See you in the water.