Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 02, 2011

What's up everyone out there!  We are here again with an update from the beach this Saturday afternoon.  The waves today were comin' in at about waist to chest high with nice offshore winds all day.  The sun was out all day and the water couldn't have felt any better!  Check it!

Take a look at this kid leaning into a nice bottom turn on this righthander.  It may have been small  but there were still plenty of waves if you were itching to surf!

Check out Jackson ripping a top turn on his frontside.  Not many barrels to be had this afternoon but  plenty of rippable waves out there!

Lots of A-frames out at this spot today.  This man decided to go right and here he is bottom turning into the first section of the wave.

Here's another sweet little wave coming through.  Unknown cruising down the line on his backside.

This pic was taken right alongside the new NSR beach house.  Our man Lucha Libre was here taking photos today and he knows how to get it done!  Nice left rolling through!

Uhh!  Laying into a sick little backside hack!  Did I mention that these waves were ultra rippable this afternoon?

There is a big party goin' down on the beach tonight.  DJ booth was just getting set up, lots of people around, and the music was pumping before the party even started!

Heather "Hace Queso" came down to the beach later on today to catch some rides.  Here she is cruising on a nice lefthander.

Even our man Pancho Sanchez didn't want to miss out on some wave action today.  Fresh from getting his stitches removed and right back in the surf!  That's all for today everyone, thanks for checkin' us out.  We'll be back tomorrow with another daily update right from the beach to your computer!  This is Eric and I'm out!