Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 01, 2016

Hello and welcome to the weekend surf report of NSR. We have a lot of good waves working in the morning. There are two peak with waves overhead and the lineup was almost clean. Check it out.


There are a lot of waves A+ rolling during all morning and we think the waves will be like this all day ,because the wind is soft and the waves are super consistence. The waves never stop to break there are waves breaking every second.

Here is a surfer taking this right with a little of tube, but in this case he prefer made the drop and start ripping the wave. We see what he have to show up.

I see this wave and the first thing come to my mind is go up and made a turn in the top. We see how he made. That ramp looks perfect.

Well, he was going fast and looks like he decide just made the first test with not to much power. The wave keep perfect, so he is getting ready for another turn.

The wave keep overhead at this point and this surfer is looking that corner almost falling down. Go up again bro!!...

Bing!!!! bang !!!! bung!!!!!!. He probably need to eat more Gallo Pinto if he want to hit more harder this wave. This right was rolling for long distance, almost fifty meters and was able to made around seven turns.

The waves is passing for the half way and this surfer looks tired for the next turn. He was surfing alone this peak and after this good wave he come back home. His day is done.

The good thing about today during the high tide was the easy catch of the wave and the wave shape. The size was a little big, but the waves was easy to read.

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The peak in the north was more with a "A" and the right was hole. The guys in that peak was trying to catch the waves for the corner, but they not have to much lucky.

Robert was riding the left looking for a radical moving. What he is thinking to do?. The ramp it's forming.

Wow. Robert went up making like a a cut in the main lip of the wave. We can call this a floater cut.

Here is another good right with a surfer going up. We are dreaming with waves like this all the time and today there are a bunch of waves like this one and the lineup was super light.

This surfer probably eat a lot of Gallo Pinto in Yolandas cafe, because he really smash this wave. After the rain the wind drop more and the waves looks glassing, that made the waves more nice of this wave, so imagine how looks right now.

The rights were the call today, but there are always a magic left rolling amazing with not rider. So have fun and see you in the water. Armando Lopez is out.