Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome back to another daily update of the surf down here in Nicaragu, brought to you by NSR.  The waves were fun this morning, coming in at head high with overhead sets.  The wind was offshore and the lineup was getting more crowded as the morning got later.  Check out the beach!

Local surfer and ukulele maker, Dave was out getting a bunch of waves today.  Here he is with a sick backside topturn!

There's always some tubes to be found at this spot.  Here's a nice little section for this frontside rider to get some shade!

Looking down the beach and right into the barrel of the mysto left!  Looks tempting huh?

Matt came down to Nicaragua from Cali with a couple of friends and he has been in the water all day every day!  Digging into a nice backside snap.

Here's an unknown surfer with a sweet snap stall.  Already in the tube and looking for a line!

I went back down for another wave check late this afternoon and the waves were still pumping!  We had a few pros out here too, here's Sterling Spencer with a backside aerial.

Tonino Benson was out here destroying every wave he caught.  Laying into a big backside hack and displacing some water on this one!

Paul Fisher pulled into (and came out of) one of the longest barrels I've seen at this spot!  Here he is pulling in behind the first section.

Sterling again, this time blasting a frontside air.  This kid was pulling off all kinds of airs out here!

Another sick bowling righthander for you all before we sign off for today.  It looks like the waves are getting a little bit smaller in the next few days.  Stay tuned with NSR and we'll keep you posted on all the action right from the beaches!  This is Eric and I'm out!  Take it easy!