Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We woke up late, with a slight hangover - as it should be the day after your birthday. Out at the NSR Beach House, the waves were fun once again. We are looking out the front gate where you can get barreled in front of all your friends. Waves are head high on sets, the water is warm and the wind is offshore.

There was nobody else out so we only have pics of each other today. (Thanks Leslie!) This is Annie, highlining.

Small but fun ones out here today, and you really can't beat the crowd factor.

Thanks again to everybody who is helping to support the local Nica surfers compete in Costa Rica. At last count NSR is responsible for sending 7 surfers and we still have some money trickling in. We still have one more day to collect funds and get a final count so please email us at: [email protected] if you want to help out. Thanks again to everybody who contributed! You wouldn't believe how thankful and grateful these locals are. More waves on tap for the rest of the week so check back.

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. It's chest high on sets and the wind is offshore. Who said we do not have right in Nicaragua.

This is Willian a local from San Juan del Sur with a short spray.

I do not remenber this guy's name but he was catching some fun ones.

Willian again going off the top.

Check back tomorrow.