Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 27, 2020

It's a cloudy sky Saturday with a bit more swell in the water today. There were lots of peeling waves with some fast barreling sections that were proving tough to make but if you played your cards right and picked the right wave you'd have a nice little barrel on your plate for the brunch session.

Emi was out pushing his son Jett into the waves for a bit in the morning but made sure he got out for a couple himself as well.

The tide was dropping and the wind was strong offshore with waves breaking just 40 yards out.

Nice backhand snappa!

Carl waving while making a board switch ready to take that Go Fish out for a ride as the wave is waving behind him.

Carl showing how fast a fish can be pumping the face of this wave.

Jenna got out in the water and wasn't out long before packing some nice Saturday rides.

Hayden was catching waves left and right, staying busy out there in these super fun conditions. Yeah Dude!!

Looks like Koji getting in on the brunch session. Yeah bro!

Looking for an exit on a smaller inside barrel, nice squeeze!

Seth on a sweet set wave.

John was catching a bunch of waves in the morning, doesn't look like a single drop of water out of place on this gem.

Catching a photo of someone catching the photo, Ryan cruising a nice right he was also packing lots of waves in his bag this morning.

Look at that spray blowing from the off shores there were some strong gusts this morning.

Carl was out for a few hours, I know he is happy to get back in the water after a couple days out. With the swell filling in and lots of swell on the horizon Carl is stoked.

Hayden on a fast closing barrel.

Looks like he's gone.

..and pops out of the abyss.

With an expression that says, "what? I didn't do anything" With the slower season allowing for much more water time this year it's just another day in the office for Hayden. Okay guys that's all for today, enjoy the weekend and check back for the master Brian's shots and the bigger waves coming tomorrow and in to this next week.