Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Thursday surf report for southern Nicaragua with Hotsticks. The swell dropped but we still had a few fun waves come through. See for yourself amigos.

Ok the skinny on today’s surf: the waves dropped (still have some decent south energy) but nothing epic. Some stretched lines and some fun corners and sections. With the small swell, I like to shoot at mid to higher tides.

A touch windy too! To locals and residents, we think the water is a bit chilly. In the morning, I would wear my 1.5mm top but just a t shirt during the sunny days. To a visitor, the water feels warms, great, and the perfect temperature.

Actually guys, the waves were way over head today!!!

See how far he surfed down the line on that left? Yep, that means some southern energy. Pros and cons to that and west directioned swell (is that a word?).

Still some little nugs creeping through…

Or, I can walk down so nothing is in the foreground and the waves look pumping! This was actually from a decent set that came through.

To get the elusive tubito, a body board may have been the right call.

I can relate man- I’m tall too. That just means we should have powerful turns blasting the wave apart.

My favorite thing about the south swell is that long left line. Whap… whap… and one more shwack before the wave ends.

Alright ladies and gents, we don’t have a ton of epic stuff to show you from today so I’m going to wrap it up here. We appreciate y’all checking out today’s shots and we’re stoked to see what that SW groundswell brings early next week. Stay tuned and fingers crossed!