Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hey what’s up everybody! Welcome to the Saturday surf report! This is “Chewy” bringing you the best 15 minutes of your day… or a good 15 at least.  The waves were fun and super ripable today running around chest to head high with… you guessed it offshore winds! Everyone was stoked to surf and the fishing tournament was going on so people were slaying the fish!

We are starting you off with Dave about to tear this wave a new one! Ten more feet and that person would have to find a new leg! Dude, I am totally mind surfing this wave!

Here’s Sean trying to fall in a way so the board doesn’t have to be surgically removed from a body part! “Get that thing away from me!”

Here is Jason hand dragging, trying to pull into this wave. It is just opening up!

Here is an unknown solider doing his best impersonation of a man fan. It’s not D-Lite but it’ll do ‘til he gets back!

This is “Nascar” speeding through this section! Do they call you Nascar because you go fast or because you drink Budweiser and watch motor sports?

Cliff is trying to squeeze into this one! Good thing it is opening up and giving you some room to breath!

Our surf student Pamela came back for her second day of lessons. She was dropping in on some bombs! Great job, now all you have to do is buy a wet suit and surfboard and you will be ripping California up in no time!

This is the scene of the fishing weigh in. People were bringing in some monsters! Also the Flor de Cana was free so the Pledges are stoked!

Dude forget that monster of a dorado, I wanna know some stats on that girl! Ohhh and the Dorado was 46 pounds.

Here’s a pretty good sized rooster fish that these guys were super stoked on! I think the Flor de cana was making it look bigger than it was!  That’s it for today, I will see you all tomorrow! I wanted to give a shoot out to my mom and little brother! Miss you guys, but the surf is too good to come home!