Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 27, 2006

White sand beach, left point break, head high swell, offshore winds, one guy out...hmmmm. Not a bad Birthday present if you ask me.

Annie was out doing her thing - pulling into bouncy barrels like this one.

After a while, a few others paddled out. I guess it looked too fun to pass up. This is Lars, skipping the World Cup in his home country to make some turns in Nicaragua.

"Hey, somebody told me it could be dangerous to walk this close to the edge of the reef" "Nah, what could happen to us, we're plenty safe up here"

This is Lars' good buddy Von Schtickem (I hope we got the spelling right on that one). I think you are the first German surfers we've ever met here. Enjoy your trip - you made it on NSR!