Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hello all, welcome to this Thursday's surf report brought to you by SurfNSR from beautiful Nicaragua. Today the waves were a bit smaller as the swell is slightly fading. Good news is that there are lots of strong swells on the way soon, of course as you spend more time here you get so spoiled that 4-5 ft days with occasional barrels becomes a smaller day. LOL Today was Good-Epic by some beaches standards.

We have some Saharan dust in the sky but the water color is beautiful and we'll see if the dust helps the sunset later today as well.

Hernan showed up at the beach with his buddy to catch a few morning waves. Get it Bro!

Tearing down the line racing for the exit on this hollow set wave. They say you miss all the shots you don't take, sometimes you just gotta show up and take a shot cause you may score when nobody else is willing to take the chance.

Surf Lesson success!! Way to go girl! Nice wave, nice form, be in the barrel in no time.

Mr. Surf Instructor was teaching a couple of people to surf and then saw this on the horizon and quickly paddled over for a little mid-lesson gem.

Or taking to the sky like Kai! Kai has no problem generating speed regardless of the wave size, look at the boost off this waist high wave!

So blessed we are to have had these beaches open for the last few months when many others didn't have the opportunity to surf we here in Nicaragua were getting more waves then ever.

Mystery Barrel Surfer! Who could it be??

More surf lesson wins! Nice dude, stoke levels high.

Backside snap with some force

Some more surf lessons, what a perfect day and place for surf lessons. The wave at the peak has some decent size but down the beach a bit is nice and soft for beginners.

Big Shakas all around.

Look at the squeeze job, Kai moves like water just full of flow. Here he is contorting himself to the shape of the barrel. I think that is a good note to leave on, time to go get my late lunch surf on and see if I can squeeze into a couple myself. Later peeps.