Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to the surf report, this is Jairo “Come Pan” and Mateo “Pledge” reporting in the surf this Wednesday. We had our friends from yesterday book us again, so we headed out to the beach and got some pretty fun waves. It was not as big as we were hoping, but it was chest to shoulder high with some bigger sets and it was sunny! We had the land and water camera out there again so check it out!

The first surfing shot of the day is of Christian Lloyd taking off on a nice looking left on the outside. The waves were going all the way into where that little left is on the inside. You know Christian is setting up for a fun one.

This is Colin Lloyd, from a distance, getting a hit off the top. He said we wasn’t feeling it today in the water. Well, Colin, how do you explain this picture?

This is the first shot our friend RB from Fort Pierce Florida, representing the North Jetty crew with a solid backside hack. He was a little bummed that it wasn’t double overhead and heaving, but he was still having a bunch of fun at this spot. Maybe tomorrow……

This is the last guy from the group Jay Barrow. He said he was feeling a little rusty, and might need a few waves to loosen up. By the looks of this shot, he got loose real quick. Here he goes laying into a nice front side snap.

Here is Christian with his second shot doing a nice off the lip. Christian is a doctor back in the States and was kind hearted enough to help the family that took us out in their boat. Their daughter was feeling really terrible and they thought she had Dengue Fever. Luckily he gave them some medical advice and some medicine and she was feeling 100% better in the morning. Thanks for helping out Christian.

This is the second shot of RB. If you didn’t already know, he was just killing it today. Here he is hacking away on the inside.

From looking at RB’s last shot you might think he is going to try to get some barrel action. Don’t get t jealous, there were no barrels today at this spot. It was fun for sure, but nothing was opening up.

This is Lance Moss from Surfari charters on this left. I caught him napping in his boat and told him he needed to stop being lazy, paddle out there and show me how to ride this wave. Here he is on first wave, second turn and many more to go.

This is Felipe who is the manager of the distribution of John Carper boards in Brazil. . He was out there with some of his friends and they were all having a blast and getting some fun waves. He gave of a JC sticker so we sold them a bunch of shirts and pictures. Hope you guys are stoked, we’ll see you soon!

This is a shot of an unknown rider who was out there getting a lot of really long rides. Here he is on one of them now with a nice backside snap. If you want some of the pictures just shoot us an email and well hook you up!

“Come Pan” got a little board sitting in the beach taking pictures for so long. So, he made a friend and took a picture of him. This is Officer Andy, getting some sun with his new friend Jairo.

Here are some other friends from the beach. This is, from left to right; Rb, Colin Lloyd, Jay Barrow, and Christian Lloyd. It was great seeing you guys and hanging out. We are going to miss you so come back soon!

The last shot of the day we have sweet artistic photo of an unknown riding on good left. We are pretty sure the waves should be better tomorrow, so keep on praying. Its been a long day of swimming and shooting so we are gonna call it and go hit the showers. Peace!