Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 24, 2016

Hi to the audiense of the NSR surf report. We have a long day searching the best waves. Some places were super big and powerfull imposible to surf or really dangerous. Not to many surfer were ready for this kind a red code of swell. Some hero were out in one of the reef with perfection, but with windy waves. Check it out.

The wind was making the situation harder then how normally it is already. Here is Balaram looking up, ready for go the deeper he can to made the duck diver like the champions.

This reef was showing to us some of the stronger and perfect waves we ever see in this spot. Check the garage here opening the door for the Cadillac Escalade.

I know all the Pacific south hemisphere was going on fire this week. Some of the pro surfer are coming from waves like Teahupoo and Fiji and they were scoring some masive and agresive waves. They gonna be super surfer after this experiense in the Central America big waves from the cot of the offshore wind.

Here is Balaram going versus the wind in a late drop. Sometimes the vertigo of this wave is not the size, is the no see nothing for the breeze of the lip of the wave plus a ten Hawaiian feet.

I just see the Balaram surfboard shine in the Teahupoo glassing wave and now is here surfing the Nica reef. That board is traveling all around the world. Hopefully don't died here.

The photographer Tony Z  capture the moment when Reef McIntosh have a better lucky and is making this dirty barrel out. Was super hard to be out there. The wind was the factor X. Plus the rip current and all the water moving. What more can be bad?.

The sets have this kind of barrels. One session of a sick barrel and after other barrel more sick than the first one.


For better explication put attention in this wave of Marsh from Two Brother Surf camp. He made the drop and the first barrel.

And here it is the second session of the heavy wave. Even the camera don't want to capture the horrible scene of this wave.

But my friend Carl force the camara for you can see the mutation of the wave. This is the first time we see this kind the thing happen in this reef. It is because the size of the swell. Haaa poor Marsh he probably is getting double massage from two girls right now. His chassis probably is two inches out the line.

This is the same wave of Marsh later down the line. We were watching the photos to see if this wave was makeable and there is a chance. IIt is really hard to tell though with the ledge and massive lip iif he could have made it through. We need to ask what him happened behind the curtain. No matter what Marsh is a champ for going on this beast.

The local and the most respected and experimented surfer in this area ( Manuel Resano ) was charging without afraid some of this solid waves. He was in the air couple times, until he made one.

After surf Maverick and Jaws and be nominated in the surf awards of the biggest waves in the year Manuel is ready for everything. We have a big waves rider in our yard.

Another late drop, but this time with all the super glue in his feet Manuel is watching all the high way. Another triumph brudda!!!

He was waiting for a big roof like the house in the end, but this wave was gentle with him. Well, not to many people have big cojo$%@ like you bro..

The foam of this wave can tell you how powerful it is. The wave was perfect all the time and there are some windows with soft wind but not for long time.

Manuel made all the way until the end. The lip of this wave is thick all the time. I have friends with the board broken only for try a duck diver. Carl do you remember that wave?

More sick waves. Check how the wall of that wave it's bending in that cave.

You can compared big waves around the world. Every one have something especial. Some one are big with cold wather, others are tall and soft. We have the warm water with the hell wind today. Normally the offshore is nice, but some element was necesary to stop the ocean if not more waves will be inside the house like happend went the wind calm down in the afternoon and the waves double up sizes.

Ok. Amigos this is all for today. If you want more check the surf report tomorrow. We will checking some reef lest bigger, but super fun. The swell supposedly it's going down, so the best and nice waves are coming. Have a good day. Armando Lopez is out.