Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 24, 2010

The surf was super fun today, running about chest to shoulder high on sets but the wind was onshore.  Lots of people showed out to the beach and everybody scored a few fun ones.  Check it out!!!

As we said before the surf was fun and there were many good waves rolling in.  Check out this unknown rider picking up one of the many nice ones he got.

We had a sunny day so we had to make sure to put sunscreen all over.  This is La Garcita Chelita putting some cremita on her beauties piernitas.  That sounds like a poem, uh!

We went for a hike today and took advantage to take a couple photos.  Here we have these two guys sharing a nice peak.  Who says we do not get good waves when the winds are onshore?

If you are not a surfer and like to eat, you are in the right place.  We have many good local restaurants where you can enjoy a good burger or a sweet fish filet.  Is anybody hungry?

The view from this hill was pretty nice so we tried to get a couple of artistic shots through the trees.  Hey Chewy, do you like this one?

Coming down from the hill we found this beautiful lizard.  We have many beautiful animals down here in Nicaragua that you can spend many days enjoying our nature!

A few locals jumped out in the water and were destroying every single wave they caught.  This is Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila busting a nice frontside air.

It is always so nice to see a little kid trying to learn how to surf.  Check out this one from Cal coming in after a long sesh.  Keep working my little friend!

On the last shot of the day we have Pancho Sanchez with a nice and quick floater on this closed out section.  We hope to score some fun ones tomorrow as well, so make sure to check us back out!

What's up y'all! The waves looked fun at Maderas, but you know we're gettin some a little ways north as well. Our old friend Tom "Sillouhette" Sheets is in town. The reports would have you believe today was small and onshore. This is what we arrived to the beach to find this morning. Not too shabby for "small and onshore".

Here is Tom "Sillouhette" on one of the day's opening waves. Tom wants to let Summer, Riley, and Braden know that he'll be living in Nicaragua from now on....Just kidding Summer we'll have him back to the family in a couple of days.

Now on to the action. Lucha was showing us some serious photo composition skills from his various tree/mountain perches down at Maderas. I kept it simple and caught some of the action from beach level.

There weren't many barrels to be had here today. With the short period swell and light onshore winds making gouging turns the order of the day, little barrel set ups like this one were few and far between. 

Another good turn, this time from Keith, who is staying with NSR in one of our rental properties that is located just steps from this wave. July dates are filling up fast, so drop us a line if you are thinking of coming down.

We'll leave you with this shot of another destructive turn. This spot is generally fast and hollow with precious few opportunities for turns like these. But today was downright playful. While we'll always opt for heavy and hollow if given the choice, these conditions were a fun break from the daily grind.