Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 23, 2016

What's up everybody?! Welcome back to the NSR surf report. This is Parker showing you today's early morning shots of a nearby reef. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

The swell dropped since yesterday but it's still pumping! The beachies and most reefs are washed out so we knew we'd need a serious reef for Neptune's energy today.

Reef McIntosh with the Two Brothers surf crew were on it. If I got as barreled as he did here, I'd be that happy of a guy too!

Reef, are still you doing ok in there?!

Yeww!! Nice wave hombre. His crew put on a clinic for all the bystanders this morning.

Some may call photography a job but when we get to watch these beauties roll through, work becomes easy. Even if you're not surfing, you should still go watch and see how the guys do it.

Kohl Christensen is also in town and wanted a piece of the action. While his and Nick's wife have been enjoying their ocean front property, those two have been scoring sick rides.

When you surf a wave this well and this aggressively, you learn when to hit the brakes. Kohl is about to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Some of today's waves were wide open man caves while others hit a reef section and mushed out. Kohl still managed to enjoy what was offered.

Did you even see the surfer making his bottom turn? We called set waves double overhead (possibly a touch over that). What would you call it?

The forecast is promising for the weekend. Today was a tad smaller but some more action fills in tomorrow and Saturday. Clear your plans, grab a step up, and get ready!!

Nick is also visiting Casa Cantamar with Kohl. If you want to see these guys continue to put on a show, swing by this spot later this afternoon. We may not have the popcorn but the adjacent bar has cold Tonas!!

Nick was the backsider charger of the morning. Welcome down to NICA Land bro!!

What about Balaram Stack? We can't discuss charging without mentioning his name!

Look a little closer at the lip coming down... You'll see Balaram's board sticking out.

Yeah primo!! Clase tubo y spit!!

Besides getting a gorgeous barrel, Kohl throws smacked the lip. Just another day of paperwork and spreadsheets for this guy...

But check out Nick's turn... Which roommate threw more water!?!

After the initial pit, make the section and continue down the face. We won't complain when we get a standup barrel plus rippable face in the same wave!

Normally, we surf the left only. Turns out the Two Brothers crew and Reef split the peak and enjoy their own line.

Ok damas and caballeros, we are going to get back out there and find some waves. We appreciate you checking out today's report and continue staying tuned for more action. Also, please keep your famlies and beach goers safe- there is a lot of moving water and currents. Ok nos vemos y Hotstick Hannahs is out!!!

Wait guys... Don't exit the page yet!! Around sunset (yes I promised it cleared up and was pretty), we checked this same reef again. Check out the action!  Plenty of beautiful heavy waves rolled through so be ready for another good day tomorrow. Buenas noches!