Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello everybody. The new week come with a strong offshore wind. The surfers were waiting to see if the conditions change during the afternoon but keep the seem. Some good barrilitos!!!!!! were rolling in both ways. Check it out.

Some young surfers are trying to make airs with this wind. For sure!! If you see the Monster brand in a surfboard you realise the surfer is good.

Some tubes!!!!! Every day we paddle out with the expectation of having a good wave. My friend here have one of the most fun waves today.

Yesterday we have the Annual Local Surf contest. We were so fun. All the crew was impressed to see all the airs made during the finals.

The final was super tide. Three diferent surf spot challenge to see how have the best surfer in the zone. Forth place is for Lester Espinosa, therth place for Juber Martinez, second place for Darwin Jacamo and the first place and the best surfer in this zone is for El Chelito Jackson. YEEEEEEEEAAAAHAHHHHHH!!! Buddyyy,,,,,.....

The surfers found the way to take advantage of the shape of this wave. Here is a good snap in this little wave.

Chocoyo was taking the left and found one pretty wave with a little hut. After this shot, he disappear in this little green room.

And come out. One tube more in the list.....

Ok. Mis amigos. The waves have a average to the next days it is 3-4 feet with 12 - 23 knots per hours so that means strong wind. Found the place most protected for the wind and go surf, keep in the water. See you tomorrow. Armando lopez is out. Bye.