Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 21, 2013

Hi there, Lucha Libre here with your Friday surf report.  I am still a little sick but I finally made it up the coast to get some action.  The waves were fun, running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, cloudy sky all day long, nice offshore winds and sweet water temperature. Check it out!

We had nice lefts and rights rolling in all over the place.  What a nice jewel, isn't it?

Lester was the only local surfer we had out there.  Here he is setting up to get some shade.

We had lots of rippers in the lineup and they all were busting fins out.  Here is caught this boy sliding the tail on a sick frontside turn.

Did I say busting fins out?  Check out this pal going big with a sick maneuver.

Sean P made it over our way and he got into a nice little nugget for a few seconds.  Check out this little sequence!

Shot 2, getting in there!

Shot 3, getting a little deeper!

Shot 4, still going!

Shot 5, enjoying the view!

Shot 6, just hitting another section.

Shot 7, come one Sean.  Are you kidding me?

Shot 8, looking for the door.

Shot 9, coming out of that little nugget.  It wasn't the sickest barrel ever but I bet It was pretty fun because he traveled so long.

Yeahhhhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Mr Generoso was out pulling into some fun ones as well.  Check him out working on his backside.

Nice and clean waves all day long.  Make sure to hit it tomorrow if you are around.

That's all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow.

Phase number 2 of today's report.  We went to check the waves right before dark and we got well surprised.  Yeah folks, it was going off.

It was getting too dark but I kept shooting just to show you how fun it was.  Mateo Generoso bottom turing a sick one!

And Mel Melon Melocotone getting in the hot spot.  Yewwwwwwwww!!!

Lester got some sick one right out front of the NSR Beach House.  Way to go amigo! 

We had a few guys charging the inside section.  Going big!

The waves kept coming and coming and we were not complaining at all.  Thanks mother nature!

Beautiful lines all over the place.

We are hoping to get some of this tomorrow so stay tuned!