Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Que pasa amigos?  We are are Lucha Libre and Justin Beaver bringing you all the action for our Tuesday surf report.  We woke up early and head out to check out our home break and this is what we found first thing in the morning.  Overhead sets, nice offshore winds and light crowds.  Check it out!!!

When we got to the beach there were already two guys out, taking advantage in the lineup.  Check out this one with a solid frontside turn on this right.

Justin Beaver paddled out and stay out for a while,  enough to get some fun ones.  That's him in the background, looking down the line!

This is Chad charging on his backside.  One of the biggest sets we had in the morning!

It was nice to see everyone out there having a good time.  Unknown rider getting his work done!

Pancho Sanchez made it to the action and scored the best barrel at this spot.  Shot 1, dropping in!

Shot 2, pushing the acelerator!

Shot 3, squezzing in!

Shot 4, getting in there!

Shot 5, behind the curtain!

Shot 6, getting deep!

Shot 7, way deeper!

Shot 8, still going!

Shot 9, are you kdding us?

Shot 10, no we are not kidding you!

Shot 11, holly s,,,,,t!!!!!!!!

Shot 12, looking for the door!

Last shot of the seq, safe and clean!

There were some nice mini bumps coming in at this spot this morning.  Unknown pal, riding a nice sized right!

Our unknown pal had to pay some taxes later in the day.  Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Darwin "El Cabucho" Jacamo was the only local guy charging out there.  Taking in a sick one!

El Fino pumping his breaks, trying to get some shade!

There were some sick little bowls coming in but nobody was in the right spot to take them.  Do you want some of this Eric?

The last shot of this spot goes to Pancho Sanchez with a sick backside move for the camera.  Eric loves this shot!

We changed locations and found some serius waves to ride.  Check out the lineup!

Garret Mcnamara was killing it this afternoon, on his shortboard and on his,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!

On his SUP, he was pulling in deep!

The sequence of the day from this spot goes to this unknown buddy.  Shot 1, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh! 

Shot 2, setting up!

Shot 3, getting deeper!

Shot 4, behing the big wall!

Shot 5, where did he go?

Shot 6, is anybody there?

Shot 7, oh my god!

Shot 8, is this really happening?

Shot 9, probably he's not coming out of that thing!

Shot 10, did he hit the reef?

Shot 11, there is no way he's going to pull this one out!

Shot 12, hold on.  do you guys see somebody behing the curtain?

Shot 13, being spit out or throw out!

Shot 14, this is pretty amaaaaaaaaazing uh!

Last shot, we still can not believe it!

The last shot of the day goes to Capt Moss from Surfari Charters, charGing on one of the biggest set of the day.  The swell is sticking around for tomorrow, so we might make it back to this spot to snap some sick ones.  Stay tuned with us!