Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh No! What is that?!! It can't be...no, wait...it is, IT'S the DIRTY SANCHEZ and she's back in the water! Needless to say we're pretty stoked to have the Dirty back in action. We took her out for a test run today and everything checked out cool. It's on now. Special thanks to Carlos up at Casa Pellas for making it happen. Some of the best customer service I've ever received in this country. Now for the waves - we've got a fading swell and a building swell in the water today. As such, we've got some head-high sets coming in with some inconsistent monsters every now and then (can't wait for tomorrow). The winds were pretty hard offshore all day. Check out the view from the beach.

We found a spot with nobody out and spitting barrels. Annie was out catching a couple. Man, it's nice to have a boat.

Like I said, every now and then a real Macker would come in - just to keep you on your toes. Check out the guy on the shoulder. You gotta really "want" these - he didn't.

This is quite possibly the best wave I've ever seen in Nicaragua. It was a set wave and it broke like a perfect indo-esque left - with a giant, round barrel, peeling perfectly for about 100 meters. If only I'd been sitting over there...

Kamute was out with us today, getting dirty.

OK, another perfect day comes to an end. The swell is supposed to peak tomorrow, so check back later.

It's great when we have big swell running. There are all kinds of outer reefs and new spots that pop up out of nowhere. This is a place we guarantee nobody has surfed yet - it's too fickle, too far out and lots of them were flat-out unridable. We couldn't really tell how big it was from the boat. Only that it was hollow and spitting and there were no other surfers for miles. It was enough to get us in the water to try it. Here was the view from the Dirty Sanchez.

When we paddled over, what we found blew our minds! This thing was solid overhead, sucking below sea-level and heaving on a rock shelf reef. It was hard to be in the right spot and even when you were, it wasn't an easy wave to catch.

After a couple of dingers, we did manage to lock into a few. This is Kambute.

Tradition holds that the first person to surf a spot gets to name that spot. After surfing here today, we were calling this wave "La Bestia", or "The Beast" - as it shall be know from this day forward. It's not the biggest or the best wave here in Nicaragua, but certainly one of the thickest and heaviest and worthy of it's name. Can't wait to try it again the next time it breaks.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our new homepage - www.nicaraguasurfreport.com We just put up a new contest announcement and 3 day wave forecast for Maderas. More swell on the way for tomorrow, so check back.