Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 18, 2022

Welcome back for the weekend surf report, we are getting onshore wind but there is swell in the water so there are waves. Dude working on his airs right here as it's peaky out there and plenty of ramps. Check it out..

What to do with a crumbly section.. floaaater

The morning was a bit cloudy but they disappeared quick and left us with a super nice sunny day.

When the sun comes out after a night of rain all the greens look so lush and there is this nice breeze with a beautiful sunny day it's just so gorgeous.

Hey even a little barrel section here and there too

Shwack the lip it's nice and sunny out and dude got his super soaker blasting off the tail

A little carve a little pump and..

to the sky!!

Throwing on the brakes with the stall looking for a head dip

Splitting some peaks with your pals, what a wonderful day here on the Emerald Coast :)

This guy no squirt gun this guy with the fire hose off the tail on this one.. boutta splash the mountain back there

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today! We will be back tomorrow with some more highlights of the day and the happenings of the hood. Cruise by to keep up with your Nica family down here, Cheers!