Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello everybody. This is your Wednesday report with Armando Lopez and El Duke. The swell is small today and tomorrow but it is picking up over the weekend. The wind is so perfect and the water is great. Check out how fun it was even though it was small.

Three peaks were working today, but this guy was in position for the good one.

Nice turn guy. Chuuuaash.

Check this pretty right, holding open all the way to the shoulder for this guy.

The wave was not too peaky, but some of the waves had perfect shoulders.

Today the line up was filled with all types of people.  The waves were perfect for everyone.

This guy was taking so many waves, He was probably having a blast.

He probably didn't need sun protection because he staying out of the sun in tubes.

Ok. amigos. We hope you enjoyed the report today check back tomorrow.