Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hola!  This is Eric with the surf report for this Saturday.  The waves were running about chest to head high on sets.  It was stormy in the morning, but the wind was offshore and the ocean was glassy!  Not many surfers early but they filled in later on.  Check it out.

This is Brad, originally from the Gulf Coast of Florida, but you wouldn't know it by his surfing.  Going into this turn with some speed!

This is a great way to burn off a bunch of speed at the end of a wave.  Joel from San Diego layin' down a power hack!

Shaun is down here from California with some friends.  Here he his ripping a turn in front of his buddy JJ!

This is JJ, now throwing a nice turn in front of Shaun!  He worked this one to the inside where it was shallow and punchy.

There were some guys ripping and pulling some sick aerials out here.  Going big on this decent sized right hander!

D-Lite took the camera early this a/m and I went and caught a few waves.  Nice little nugget on the inside.

Here's another shot of Brad on the inside of this right.  Blasting his fins out at the end of this wave!

For our last shot of the day we have this unknown surfer finding himself a little tube time.  Thanks for checkin' us out, we will be here tomorrow with more action right from the beaches of Nica!  Stay suave folks!