Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yewwww, another day of great surfing in Nicaragua.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and great water temperature.  Check it out!!!

Beautiful waves all day long.  Lefts and rights were super fun!!!

A few locals jumped out in the water and they were ripping hard.  Chocoyito with a cool vertical move.

Oscarito was also shredding up big time.  Check him out blasting fins out.

Sick grinders down the line.  Here is caught this unknown rider charging!

Roberto El Tocayo getting in the milkshake.  Everyone out there was able to get pitted!

Austin made it over our way and he did score.  He didn't take many waves but he grabbed some of the sicker ones for sure.  Check out this little sequence, shot 1 looking for the high line!

A few shots later, getting in the hot spot!

Already been two or three seconds in the barrel and still going!!!

This was the best barrel going right for sure, too many shots to post.  Still going!

And out!!!

Chilling time!!!

Zach Zacatecas made it out and he was having a blast.  In the barrel!!!

And off the top.  Sick slashy fella!!!

Did I mention that everyone was getting shacked?  I wasn't kidding!!!

Mr Kerson scored the best backside barrel for sure.  Just take a look, dropping in!!!

Setting up!

About to get deep!

Did I say deep?

Wowww,,, couple of shots later and still deep!

OMG, this big boy knows how to get real barreled!

Looking for the door!

That was amazing chabalo!

Everyone had opportunity to go left or right, frontside or backside.  What a killer view!!!

Señor XXX was ready to get shacked.  Just take a look at his determination on his face.

It did pay off,  Kevin XXX getting some shade!

Double or nothing???  I would say double, hahahaha!!!

Thanks god for another great day.  Peace!!!