Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hola amigos and welcome to the Tuesday surf report with Parker! Over the night, the swell picked up to chest to shoulder high with head high sets. Also, the sun was shining, the water was beautiful, and the wind stayed offshore. Check out our photos!

Mel has been a part of the NSR for family for a while now. In years past, he used his graphic design skills for the shop, our T-shirts, and other projects. He also rips and throws huge cuts!

Mel aired off this wave while waving to me on the beach. I know Mel, his brother, and Dad are excited for the swell coming this weekend.

Some of the guys squeezed into some nice barrels. During the lower tides, the waves suck off the sandbar to make a fast hollow tube.

Lesther was out practing all morning. He finished off a long left with a little 180 air.

Jay masters the speed of the wave and shoots down the line. He always throws a killer cutback and then hits the reforming section. Yeww!

Meanwhile, a handful of other guys were nailing floaters all morning. Thanks to our offshore winds, the waves had a workable face and a good lip to hit.

Some of the sets brought in sizeable tubes. This guy capitalized on the opportunity and scored.

On my day off, a friend and I walked up the tallest mountain peak at the north section of the beach. It only took 45 minutes and a couple steep sections to soak in this view! Alright everybody, I appreciate you viewing our report for the day. We will see you tomorrow. Parker is out!