Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 16, 2013

Great conditons for the last day of the ISA World Junior Surfing championship at Playa Santana.  Yeah folks, shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds making our waves super clean and the water was nice.  Check out the lineup!

Did we say clean conditions?  Make your own call!

First thing in the morning we had the last heat of repechage for the 18's division.  Team Australia watching Luke Hynd getting the work done and making it to the finals!

The first final of the day was for the girls in the 16's division, were we had a tight heat for the first 10 minutes.  Karelle Poppke from Tahiti with a sick turn!

But the Hawaiian Mahina Maeda came back strong with two solid waves.  Keeping the best score of the day (19.16) and the gold medal.

Team Hawaii so stoked to win the first medal of the competition.  Comgratulations folks!

The competition kept going and it was time for the boys unde 16's.  Where we had Australia, Italy, Japan and USA trying to win the gold.  American surfer Jake Marshall with a deep bottom on this lefty.

Italian surfer Lionardo Fioravanti, who made it down all by himself was fighting hard for the gold.  With powerful and radical snaps like this one.

But the Aussie Jacob Wilcox had another plan for the gold medal. Averaging a 14.90 he got the gold medal already in the pocket.

We moved into the finals for the girls in the 18's and under.  We had Hawaii, Barbados, Australia and USA in this heat with some hopes to take the gold back home.  Warming up!

Stephanie Single from Australia was doing her best to hang the gold around her neck.  Throwing and making sick turn and nice floaters like this one.

Hawaiian Tatiana Weston-Webb de Lopez showed a sick performance during the whole contest, and it wasn't a surprise to see her winning today.  With nice maneuvers all over the place.

Yeahh, Señorita Weston-Weeb so stoked after the heat was overed.  Taking the gold home in the 18's and under division.

And finally the 18's division for the boys.  We had two Australians, Hawaii and France.  Luke Hynd from Australia, tail out and styling.



Frenchie Andy Criere blasting fins out with a nice punt.  Everyone was going big in this heat!

Aussie Soli Bailey with 14.40 was very close to win the gold but the Hawaiian did want it as well. Soli with a beautiful turn.

Josh Moniz, Hawaiian ripper with 14.43, enought to take the most wished medal.  Hitting it right in the pocket!

All the winners so stoked, because the long road came to an end with a sweet victory.  Felicidades chicos!

Quite a nice crew made it to the beach to enjoy the finals.  If you didn't made it, then you missed it!

The Aloha Cup, was a super fun event.  Team Nicaragua faced, USA, Hawaii and Japan in the first semifinal.  What a luck , uh!

They all were super stoked.  Go Nicaraguaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Lets make it to the podiun:

1rt Place Mahina Maeda   Hawaii 

2nd Place Karelle Poppke   Tahiti

3rd Place Dax McGill    Hawaii

4th Place Frankie Harrer  USA

Boys 16s and under

1st Place Jacob Wilcox Australia

2nd Place Leonardo Fioravanti Italia

3rd Place Jake Marshall USA

4th Place Reo Inaba Japan

Girls 18s and under

1st Place Tatiana Weston-Webb   Hawaii

2nd Place Stephanie Single          Australia

3rd Place  Nikki Veisins                 USA

4th Place Chelsea Tuach              Barbados

Boys 18s and under

1st Place  Josh Moniz      Hawaii

2nd Place Soli Bailey       Australia

3rd Place Andy Criere     France

4th Place Luke Hynd        Australia

The Aloha cup was won by team Japan, followed by USA, Peru and Australia.  This was a fun event to see!

It was a long week, but now is done.  Here is the standing by teams.  Team Australia won the gold and you can look for any team you want on this list.  Just notice that Nicaragua stayed in the 20th positition, over Chile, Panama, Barbados Mexico and a few other ones.  This was a great event for Nicaragua, first time ever and we did well.  Comgrats to all the teams and we'll see you next year for the SUP ISA competition in the lake and in the ocean.  We'll keep you updated where this event will take place.  Peace!