Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello fellas. The waves still growing, the seth are coming more constantly and there are a lot of water moving. There are two waves working, one left and the right with a channel in the middle. We can feel all the energy of the swell coming bigger in every tide. Check some of the best waves in the morning.

The waves are not too fast. Some surfers are dropping a little early in some waves. The size we can say is six to seven foot.

One of my friends " Gary " come from California to surf the 2016 season and he get one good wave already. The waves were forming better during the half tide and probably will be good when the tide start going down.

Oscar have a particular surf style. When he is going back side, he grab the rail of his board and stock the hand in the wave, he looks like a spider.

Oscar ride the biggest waves yesterday afternoon and here is aging in the water ripping in the medium sized waves. This young surfer always pull into a bumps when the swell is pumping.

Chocoyo is having lucky in this left yesterday and today. Here is how look the left in the beach. Normally this wave is the biggest, but this swell is more oriented to the rights.

Check this wave. Carlitos is paddling twenty meters fard from the peak and this wave is already overhead. How big you think this wave it is?

This is one of the best day in this year and I think the beach can hold a little more size, because the sand bank are strong. Well, we see if the swell doesn't washing all the bottom floor.

Here is the real size of this swell. The surfer is carlitos Perez and this is the sequence of his barrel. Check it out.

The visitors are catching waves, but the locals are taking the biggest waves. Looks like the beach is holding really well the size of the swell.

After to made the drop carlitos get a little speed to made sure he is good for be in the tube. The waves are not to rude like yesterday afternoon.

He know the high way is clean, so is time to get a shack. If this is a big wave in this tide, I think this beach can hold three feet more.

We are watching the tide all day and there are some windows when the waves are perfect and sometimes when are to messy. So the best thing is be close to the beach and wait for a perfect waves, probably close to the sunset.

The waves are super fast during the low tide, but during high tide are a little soft. Here is carlitos Perez showing up why he is one of the best surfer in this beach.

Here is Carlitos getting out the tube. The sets are coming more constant than yesterday and the best still coming.

He know the high way is clean, so is time to get a shack. If this is a big wave in this tide, I think this beach can hold three feet more.

After get out there are a ramp waiting for a smash. Carlitos made a sick turn closing this wave with a trick. So that is equivalent to a perfect ten.

Bang!!!! Bang!!!!... With all the speed he have, he made the fins slide a little bit.

Here is some of the bumps exploiting in front of the surfers. Ready for a big duck diver?.

This is the only thing I don't want passing to me when I am surfing. Have a seth breaking on me. Because this kind of waves hit hard.

This surfer doesn't go in this wave. I think after he see the drop, he pull back. Well, this is a serious wave, who of you want to experiment surf this kind of wave in this beach break?.

Remember the other point I always show you. I was a miles away from this wave but with my lend 400 I catch this photo of Rogert. He was the only surfer out there.

I can say Rogert spend more time in that point than any body else. So he will be proud of his surf skill after to drop this wave.

Ok. Amigos. The beach looks great. be tuned to the surf report. See you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.