Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 14, 2013

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report for day 6 from Playa Santana.  The waves got a little smaller today, but there were still lots of fun waves coming in.  Chest to shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and killer water temperature.  Check it out!

The girls had some action in the morning.  Chelsea Tuach from Barbados in qualify round 5 (quater finals) nabbing a sick left hander.

Aussie chick warming up before her heat, hoping to make it into the next round!

Tatiana Weston-webb from Hawaii, with a deep bottom turn.  This girl will be in the podiun for sure.  She rips so hard!

These kids have been putting in a good show all week long.  Now there is only two more days remaining.  Mr Gomez from Brazil with a nice and speedy floater.

All these amazing surfers, do some crazy maneuvers even on decent waves.  Check out this boy from South Africa working on his backside on this closed out section.

Team Hawaii, USA, Japon, Australia and France still in the top 5.  Jake Marshall from Team USA doing his thing to keep the team in the hunt for some medals.

Frenchie Nomme Mignot with a sick backside reverse.  One of the stronger surfers in this team.

Kai Hing grabbing the rail on a sick round house move.  Team Australia have some sick surfers, and they will be fighting for the gold for sure.

Reo Inaba is holding team Japan on his back.  He wants to take it all the way to the finals in the 16's division.

Elijah Gates from Hawaii with the little sequence of the day.  About to throw the lip of the back!

Using all his body and power to throw some buckets.  Yewwwwwwwww!!!

That was a sick turn.  Wasn't it?

Hawaiin Team's reaction after their two surfers made it to the next round.  Ready for semis tomorrow!

Mr Quinn getting some air and ready to land it, to make it into the next round.  The surfing level these all kids have is amazing!

A couple of cute chicks made it to the beach today.  We are expecting to get tons of people for the last two days.  Come over and check it out!

Last action shot of the day goes to this guy with a sick vert.  Way to go fella!

Ready for some food.  We are out, please check backk tomorrow.   Slowly building SW groundswell with some fun and workable surf along the top SSW facing breaks.  Waves should be fun!